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Planet Fitness Near Me Complete Fitness Guide

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Planet Fitness near me

Everyone aspires to be their healthiest, best selves. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to determine which beneficial lifestyle suggestions are worthwhile, given the abundance of advice available. Planet Fitness near me has a membership choice for you, no matter what you search for in a gym. All Planet Fitness members have unlimited access to their home facility, and you always get support from its helpful, amiable staff.

 Members of the PF Black Card® are entitled to additional perks, such as free guest admission and access to any of its 2,300+ PF locations. Are you looking for more motivation or direction to help you reach your fitness objectives? If you’re a member of Planet Fitness near me, you can benefit from its free fitness instruction or get inspiration by reading about other members’ triumphs on Planet fitness.

Planet fitness near me wants everyone who enters its facility to feel comfortable and protected. It also wants you to have access to all the tools, conveniences, and support you require while you’re there.

About Planet Fitness near me

Due to its famed “lunk alert” and casual attitude toward training, Planet Fitness is one of the most well-known chain gyms. Although courteous, the staff is pushy in persuading anyone to sign up for a membership. Out of all the chain gyms you have used, Planet Fitness has one of the lowest monthly fees, but the quality depends on price.

The layout and equipment at Planet Fitness may don’t suit your training preferences. You will not feel at home there, despite the establishment’s attempts to come off as warm and welcoming to all. Albeit other business exercise centers are more costly, they offer better offices and gear. It was a plus that the gym floor, restrooms, and locker area were all spotless. In addition, you will think that they logically arrange equipment, even though there are more cardio machines than weight machines.

Each chain of gyms has its advantages and disadvantages, and no gym is perfect. I’ve outlined some of its’ advantages and disadvantages.


  • A Black Card membership entitles you to access any Planet Fitness facility. It is an excellent choice for business travelers or anyone who prefers to maintain their fitness regimen while traveling.
  • They provide a respectable number of amenities. You can bring a guest at any time, use the tanning beds and massage chairs, and enjoy discounts on smoothie bar drinks for a cheap monthly fee.
  • There is no charge to use their Wi-Fi. It is a handy perk because it saves you from using your cell phone plan data to watch recordings or pay attention to music while working out.
  • There aren’t many extra costs, and the price is fair. The membership rates offered by Planet Fitness are among the lowest I’ve recently seen for a national chain gym. The gym also states all of its costs clearly, so you know how much you’ll have to pay.
Planet Fitness near me


  • Barbells are not present. The Pompton Lakes location was devoid of any barbells. The mission of Planet Fitness is to be a judgment-free gym, yet for a place that seeks to be kind to everyone, the lack of a fundamental piece of strength equipment was a turnoff.
  • Only 50–75 lbs. are the maximum weight for dumbbells. Dumbbells typically exceed 100 pounds at other chain gyms, which is a significant disadvantage for Planet Fitness.
  • The employees will honestly sound the lunk alarm if you break the rules. Sincerely, I always assumed the lunk alarm was just a gimmick employed in the gym’s television advertisements. I was shocked to see that it exists and that the employees use it! It can be embarrassing when a staff member singles you out in such a loud and intrusive manner. It’s one thing for them to speak to you discreetly if you do anything wrong.

Being the first fitness brand to receive the well-health-safety rating makes us proud.

Every Planet Fitness near me club will soon get a Well Health Safety Seal on its front door. With this seal, you can exercise safely at the Clean Thumb Club while running, curling, lifting, squatting, pressing, walking, and working out. It is supported by research and evaluated by outside specialists.

They provide affordable prices on all the items you’ll need to begin your fitness adventure, including bags, clothes, and other things. Visit our shop, please. Want to continue moving while at home? For you to remain active at home or at its facilities, this App offers hundreds of workout videos and lessons, including exclusive training series powered by iFit, PF trainers, and special guests.

You can utilize the application to see its Group Meter to pick the best opportunity to visit. It’s just one of the many things they do to help you exercise confidently. Even more, they create features to make exercising simple!

Types of equipment at Planet Fitness near me

While there is a fine assortment of cardio and resistance equipment at Planet Fitness, the free weights section is far less impressive. Life Fitness makes most of the ellipticals, resistance machines, and treadmills. I noticed a few Life Fitness rowers at the Pompton Lakes facility. Precor makes exercise bikes.

American Barbell is the manufacturer of the dumbbells at Planet Fitness. They only support 50 pounds, as I already explained. Beginners can get away with this, but most people with a history in powerlifting, bodybuilding, or CrossFit will find it excessively restrictive. Preloaded barbells that weigh up to 100 pounds are available at Planet Fitness. There are plates you can use on the Smith machine, but there are no bumper plates or Olympic-style barbells. Also, read Pacman 30th Anniversary Complete Game History

Squat racks—does Planet Fitness have them?

Squat racks are not available on this website. It strives to keep a friendly environment and thinks that heavy lifting, dropping weights, and other loud free, weight activity intimidates its members. In the opinion of the Fitness site, Squat racks constitute a significant liability and are more likely to result in injuries than other pieces of equipment. While I disagree with this evaluation, squat racks are not in most Planet Fitness facilities for safety concerns.

Squat racks are present in specific Planet Fitness locations since they formerly belonged to another brand of gyms and received the equipment when Planet Fitness took over. But these are few and far between. You can try some of these front squat alternatives, many of which can also be done in place of the back squat if Planet Fitness is the only gym available in your area.

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